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    Arka Business Solutions provides end-to-end solutions for search and recruitment needs of organizations. The search processes are aligned as per the strategic needs of the position(s). In case of simultaneous search for multiple positions, or in case of a wide geographical spread of recruitments, our processes include advertising on behalf of clients, sourcing from an in-house databank of professionals and building on referrals by clients and other sources in the industry sector. In case of a client need to initiate a discrete, selective, indirect corporate visibility exercise to result in emerging with a high quality response for top management or critical/sensitive positions, our processes mandate careful industry-wide research supported by triggering the search through appropriate discrete and confidential methods.

    Arka Business Solutions has successfully managed recruitments for both domestic and overseas clients spanning the following industries:

    • Farm Mechanisation – Tractors, Harvester Combines etc.
    • Off-Highway Equipment - Construction Equipment
    • Automobile
    • Auto Components
    • FMCG
    • Knowledge Services
    • Manufacturing
    • Engineering Services
    • Retail
    • Capital Equipment
    • Services

    The overseas footprint extends to the Middle East, Europe, US, East Asia and Africa.
    The recruitment expertise includes successfully managing positions across management levels in functional areas such as:

    • Research & Development
    • Materials and Supply Chain
    • Production and other manufacturing areas/specialisations
    • Projects
    • Sales & Marketing, including after sales support areas of product support (service) and Parts
    • Human Resources
    • Finance
    • IT
    • Legal & Secretarial
    • Business Strategy & Corporate functions


    Arka Britton Services extends an end-to-end solution to clients for their human resource needs at various levels through suitable manpower and related services. Arka Britton manpower are deployed in the client organization to discharge the assigned responsibilities and business processes.

    The key differentiator for Arka Britton staffing services is in partnering with clients. It strives to add value by performing the role of an active HR partner by ensuring continuous engagement during the hire duration, to work with clients to attain objectives of enhancing employee productivity, motivation and performance. The nature of interventions includes assisting in:

    • Joining
    • Induction
    • Handholding during initial period i.e. 3 months, and dissonance management
    • Feedback and communication
    • Performance management - appraisals
    • Training & development - gap analysis and correction
    • Employee engagement
    • Counseling
    • Feedback to client to jointly address any concerns, and to enhance satisfaction
    • Payroll administration
    • Creating a talent pool to feed client needs for permanent staff that can “hit the road running”
    • Providing a Helpline to quickly resolve issues
    • Managing key and strategic business processes of client organization
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