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    About us

    Arka Business Solutions

    Arka brings a decade of experience as a preferred partner in successful client relationships across the Indian sub-continent, Europe, the Middle East and the United States of America. Our portfolio of human resource solutions has successfully addressed needs of leading corporates in Automotive, Capital Equipment, Engineering, FMCG, Retail, Services, Auto Components, Knowledge Services, Manufacturing, and Off-Highway Equipment industries.

    The essence of our approach is an overriding focus on customer needs with a sound emphasis on research-based strategies to provide a lead edge solution. We are committed to a partner-participation process that leads us to work closely with senior management, HR team and functional managers of the client organization. The process enables our team to emerge with useful search strategies based on a sound understanding of the client business environment, challenges and the organization culture. These insights help us to work with clients from within rather than outside, thereby improving and reducing turn around time.

    Arka Britton Services

    Arka Britton Services Pvt. Ltd. is a joint venture between Arka Business Solutions & Logan Britton Inc. USA, providing end-to-end solutions for the entire human resource needs of an organization. The portfolio of services includes Business Processes Development & Outsourcing, Staffing as well as Training & Development. By handling all the back-end processes in an efficient and time-bound manner, we help organizations to focus on their core processes.

    We provide people on assignment basis across a range of skill-sets for a variety of industry sectors. We manage the entire HR process right from recruitment and selection, on-boarding, payroll, compliance, training, till the end providing detailed management reports. With our dedicated team of consultants, robust processes, strong risk management processes for compliance and legal aspects, we deliver value on a sustained basis.

    Our Values

    Arka is a Sanskrit word and is the name of Vedic God Surya (Sun). It also means Crystal. The Sun and the Crystal symbolize the Arka values given below, and are also the basis for our name and logo.
    • Quality
    • Integrity of Thoughts, Time & Financial Transactions
    • Truthfulness
    • Openness & Transparency
    • Potency
    • Respect for Individuals
    • Team & Process Based Working
    • Focus on Customer Needs & Customer Driven Actions
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