We Believe

    in Understanding your business first

    We deliver

    Timely Service 100% times

    We Endeavour

    do it right the first time

    Arka is a Sanskrit word and is the name of Vedic God Surya (Sun). It also means Crystal. The Sun and the Crystal symbolize the Arka values given below, and are also the basis for our name and logo.
    • Quality
    • Integrity of Thoughts, Time & Financial Transactions
    • Truthfulness
    • Openness & Transparency
    • Potency
    • Respect for Individuals
    • Team & Process Based Working
    • Focus on Customer Needs & Customer Driven Actions
    Our philosophy represents our lens to guide our response in thought and deed.
    • Nothing comes free in this world
    • No good deed goes unpunished
    • Challenge the status quo
    Our values and our philosophy guide the basis of our relationships, which is:
    • Value Addition
    • Fairness
    • Sustainability


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